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Holy Chatter is a site that aims to show the beauty and truth of the Christian religion thanks to a chatbot with a content verified by the webmaster.
This site was created in 2015 by young French Catholics wanting to share their received faith.
We hope it will improve your relationship with this God of love and it will give you the desire to meet Christians to continue the discussion!
Holy Chatter

Recipients of the site

Whether you are an atheist or an agnostic, you may be wondering about faith?You want to learn more about Christianity? Who is Jesus? What did he do ? In fact, what is faith in concrete terms? Then Holy Chatter is for you!

You are a Christian and wish to deepen your knowledge and fully live your faith. Then Holy Chatter is for you!

Whoever you are, atheist, practicing Christian, disbelief, lost your faith, or practice it every day, we welcome you and affirm that you have your place on Holy Chatter. Thanks to the chat, videos, daily texts and other resources on various topics, you can find answers to your questions or learn more.