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The Bible is unique. It is the most widely circulated book in the world. No other book has been translated into as many different languages. No other book in human history has had a greater influence. For all Christians, the Bible is Sacred Scripture. The Bible is world literature. It contains wonderful stories. Many biblical writings are of great poetical beauty, for example the Book of Job and a whole series of psalms from the Old Testament or the great hymn of love (1 Cor 13) and the Revelation of John from the New Testament. Often the Bible is disturbing. It is critical. Many times it strikes contemporary readers as odd. It may take years to understand a particular passage from Sacred Scripture. But it is worthwhile to keep trying. For all Christians it is the charter of the faith. And more than that: the Bible is the “Word of God”. It expresses it with human words and in human language. But it is a revelation. It was written because men listened to God's Word and wrote it down in their own words. It was handed down, because others believed that those people did not just invent something but really had a message from God to convey. The Bible is meant to move people. It ought to motivate readers to a life of striving for good. This life should combine love for God and love for one's neighbors. That is why we cannot just read the Bible and leave it at that. Praying is part of it, helping others, reflecting on the faith—and in all this there is the joy that God exists, who gives us life. Youcat Bible (p. 12-13)


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